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Camera Design Services Team

Area4® Pro is much more than the Management Team on this page. Area4’s talent pool includes a group of highly skilled and experienced employees and specialists, each a seasoned professional in their respective fields of optics, camera design, camera architecture, CMOS image sensors, embedded systems, machine vision, imaging processing, software, mechanical prototyping, design for manufacturability, program management and much more.

We take on projects from simple off the shelf camera optimization and lens selection to complex custom imaging system designs. Contact us to see how we may be of help with your imaging requirements.

Tim Macmillan – CEO

Tim Macmillan – CEO

As Senior Manager of Advanced Products at GoPro, Tim was responsible for new and innovative products now in the market.

Tim maintains board-level positions at TimeSlice Films and Dimension Studios in London, the World’s first 4D and Free-Viewpoint Media studio. In January 2017 Tim co-founded Area4 Professional to be a center of excellence for advanced imaging and vision systems.

Tim holds a Higher Diploma from University College London in Experimental Media and an Honorary MA from the University of Creative Arts (UK). Tim’s early camera inventions are in the UK Science Museum.

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Don Thomas – SVP of Business & Marketing

Don Thomas – SVP of Business & Marketing

Don has that unique blend of imaging and business background and experience that compliments the deep tech capabilities of the Area4 engineering team.

With a background in business, product management, marketing, and sales channel management, Don brings balance to the business side of imaging.

His technical area of expertise is in industrial imaging, machine vision, high-speed imaging for motion analysis and broadcast video. Don holds a BS degree from Emerson College, an MBA from Anna Maria and assorted coursework at MIT.

Don is an industry advisor to the MIT Edgerton Center.

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Kasturi Rangam VP of Engineering

Kasturi Rangam – VP of Engineering

Kasturi is an exceptional leader in Imaging and Video technology with a unique blend of Imaging Systems and Semiconductor experience.

He has applied his passion for creating “best in class” imaging systems and chips for both consumer and professional markets while working at GoPro, Nethra Imaging, LSI Logic, C-Cube Microsystems and Intel.

His expertise includes Systems Architecture and SOCs for Video and Imaging applications. He has several patents in Imaging and semiconductor technology.

Kasturi has BE in Electronics from Bangalore University and MS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University

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Bill Thanos – SVP of Hardware Development

Bill Thanos – Technology Consultant

Bill is an exceptional engineering leader specializing in imaging, media and storage technologies.

An experienced problem-solver and skilled innovator, Bill has championed projects and initiatives leading to world-class products at Quantum, Pure-Digital, SanDisk, Intel, and GoPro.

An expert in embedded systems, hardware architecture and engineering management, he brings his talents and experience to Area4 Professional and its clients.

Bill holds an EE degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Bill Orner

Bill Orner – Technology Consultant

Bill has more than 25 years’ experience in the professional, consumer and industrial electronics industry specializing in AV processing hardware, firmware, and control systems.  

His engineering experience includes working at tech companies GoPro, Philips, Diablo Research, Transmeta, MIPS, Sony, Lexicon, Timeline and consulting to Harris, Broadcast Electronics, GE Spacenet, Honeywell, Siemens, Krell, Numark, Apogee, Alphasonic, Mondial and Harman and numerous start-ups.

Bill holds a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Northeastern University and an MS in Technology Management from Pepperdine University. He is a member of SMPTE and a senior member of the IEEE and currently serves as the secretary of the IEEE CE Society and currently serves on standards committees for JEDEC and PCI-SIG.

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