Imaging requirements often drive unique camera design solutions. In the process of turning light into data, the camera’s elements – lens, image sensor, image processing, image compression and data storage – need to be cohesively architected and tuned to one another to deliver the highest possible image quality for the system. At Area4 we use our deep and broad experience in designing and delivering advanced professional image capture systems to meet your requirements.

Area4 Design Philosophy

We also believe that these are extraordinary times to be creating new imaging systems given the recent emergence of new technologies in imaging, image processing, compression, and storage. Together, our world-class team and these cutting-edge opportunities are enabling Area4 to produce the world’s most advanced imaging systems to provide the best solutions.

While Area 4 imaging solution quality and robustness separates your product from the competition, it must also be cost-effective to meet your product requirements for the marketplace. Our CTO lead the design effort that produced the world’s best-selling camera.

Right product at the right price? Nailed it!

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