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Cameras are everywhere today, and the applications are limitless. Cameras are in the cars that we drive. They provide visual data enabling robots to perform complex tasks. They silently watch our surroundings to aid in providing security. Cameras enabling engineers to see, measure and understand what can’t be seen with the unaided eye. They are a critical part of life-saving healthcare devices.

Machine vision cameras tirelessly visually inspect the manufactured goods that we buy. Cameras capture and stream events and the entertainment content that we watch. We use cameras to record images of life around us, our way of sharing a personal experience. Cameras are ubiquitous. But they are also very specialized and unique.

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

At Area4 Professional we use our extensive experience and deep knowledge of imaging technology in designing and delivering advanced professional image capture solutions that meet your exacting product requirements. Our imaging solutions offer robust quality that separates your product from the competition. It’s not just a camera – it’s your company!



Area4 Professional Team incorporates top imaging and camera industry professionals with extensive industry experience with vision systems, camera design, imaging, optics, imaging Codecs, spherical cameras, 360 degree cameras, virtual reality, and mixed reality cameras, robotic sensing, medical imaging, automotive cameras, military imaging systems and machine vision, just to name a few.

While cameras have become vital in countless ways, designing and optimizing cameras for specific applications can be complex. Many companies find this out the hard way, often when they are deep into their development process. Designing or integrating a camera into a product takes a specialized skill-set and experience to achieve the required results.

Area4 Professional Design Services is a Silicon Valley-based firm that offers end-to-end solutions for modern imaging and vision systems. To create the best possible image, a “system approach” from the camera lens to viewing screen requires expertise in several technical disciplines. The Area4 team are experts in their respective fields with proven track records spanning from research and low-volume professional systems to cutting-edge, high-volume consumer systems.

Area4 services include imaging and vision system architecture and support for optics, camera sensors, SoC FPGA implementation, imaging processing software, codecs, storage, transport, mechanical and thermal design, and image system tuning and testing (optimization). A less than an optimized imaging and vision system delivers less than optimal results.

Camera Design

Eliminate the imaging learning curve and partner with Area4 Pro. Managed as a system, camera imaging architecture and camera design, component selection, interface with our materials partners, system integration, system fabrication and manufacturing product bring-up is professionally executed as part of our design philosophy. From off-the-shelf camera optimization to unique technical imaging invention, Area 4 delivers superior imaging and vision system solutions.

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